HELLO KITTY Black Magic Eau de Parfum 30ml

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Our HELLO KITTY Black Magic perfume, has a uniquely enchanting scent. It is pleasantly floral-oriental, with an elegant, mysterious and very sensual character. Just right for stepping into the spotlight for the evening, or diving into a world of glamour and glitter: a seductive mixture of refinement and natural femininity, but also daring to be stylish and expressive.

A breath taking eye-catcher: The Black Magic perfume decanter itself is something special, as the elegant black cat radiates such an irresistible character that it could surely be described as magical. The delicate pendant is also beautiful and gives the flaçon that certain extra something. When will you fall under the spell of Hello Kitty Black Magic?

Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum?

The difference lies in the volume of perfume oil: Eau de Parfum contains a greater volume of Perfume Oil, which creates a more intense fragrance and also means the scent will take far longer to fade from the skin.

  • 30ml Eau de Parfum

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